Monday, December 08, 2008

hk ngor lei lah!

now we're nearly done with packpackpacking.
phew. finally. it isn't easy to match especially when most of my tops are with prints.

aunt j just gave me an ang bao for me birthday. that's an early one. yeeey! more $ for shopping! :) i don't remember the last time i've shopped happily.. maybe last year?
imma eat alottt and shop allotttt. nothing's gonna hold me back, as long as it's within budget. haha.
i miss the hk mango dessert and food! me mouth's watering already :p

i could feel the heat. must be the weather. hope i would wake feeling all good tmr. :(
hate to be sick when on a holiday!

peektures soooonnn...imma turn in now.

goodnighty singabore.
hello hkg! :D

Rant.Rant.Rant. |11:14 PM|

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the last lap.

i could see the light.....
although i'm still half researching for theories/ journals and in the midst of starting
my bloody major essay.
can't wait for 12 am tomorrow to come....

i have 4138574655943454 things to do when all this is history.
and that includes giving this blog a facelift.
it's been 2 years since i've bothered to edit the content box(on your right)
and the blogskin, which you're staring at now.
can't wait, can't wait! :)
i pray i'll get this done by 6pm tomorrow,
to celebrate littlemissvixen's birthday!

Happy 23rd Birthday littlemissvixen!!!

i promise the next post wouldn't be this shoddy,
when all shite is O-V-E-R.

Rant.Rant.Rant. |12:57 AM|

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

happy halloween! not.

so i'm spending halloween home alone.
okay, not literally alone but everyone else is out partying!
if you know me well enough, you should know that i'm not a fan of parties
but it's halloween! it would be fun!
all that coordinating and planning of outfit is a waste of time and effort.
and the worst part?
oh well i know i could join others but i would wanna party with my own group of friends.
wouldn't it be more fun?

maybe i ought to be more sociable.
try to mingle with everyone else.
and too bad my friends are either not bothered with dressing up or are just plain busy.
but isn't halloween all about playing dress up?

the sad part? people who said they aren't celebrating ended up partying! :(
or they assumed i am partying with some other friends. -_-
i'm so sore.
i told myself and others that staying home is good for the soul and pocket(which is true considering how much i have left in the pathetic bank account).
but fuck, it's halloween!

urgh. and this weekend is gonna be bad.
project meeting this sunday.
i'm already dreading it.
thought i could throughly enjoy myself tonight after steve's portfolio assignment and the numerous PR blog postings.
damn was i wrong.

maybe i should just stay home tomorrow too.
my weak attempt at trying to save the already little money i have.
it's so miserable to be poor.

camera obscura on wednesday was awesome!
merci botak for accompanying me,
despite not being very keen on catching their performance.
but i know you thoroughly enjoyed it! and i'm glad you did! :)

tonight is so quiet without Y around.
i wanna go Grenoble too!
smell the fresh air and take in the beautiful nature...
i just wanna get away from singaBORE.
le sigh.
now i'm just gonna catch my favourite tv shows/films online.
gossip girl, down. ugly betty next!

Rant.Rant.Rant. |1:19 AM|

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pleasant surprise

je received a text message the day before,
".....i hope u like it!......Because i really love to see u happy!......"
the flannel shirts i wanted were all sold out at uniqlo! :(
but he managed to get me another flannel shirt with similar plaids.
of 'cos i will like it! it's filled with so much <3! :D
pa is awesome like that :)
although i can't stand him sometimes.
but i still love him of course!
can't wait for him to be back tomorrow!
now i wish i'm having my vacation already.
then we could pop by hkg and vietnam(next week) with him!
it's always a case of bad timing.
le sigh.

time to turn in.
peektures up the next time!
bonne nuit!

the past week was tiring but great!
thanks to abs with her new ride, we could film (almost) anywhere we wanted to!
i'm still so tired.
marde. think i'm getting older.

Rant.Rant.Rant. |2:13 AM|

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

finally managed to get plenty of sleep last night!
but i wonder why i'm feeling so tired still.
i think the past few night's sleep deprivation is taking it's toll on me.
i prolly need 24 hrs worth of rest to recharge. =\

boys noize is at zouk tonight. should i go?
damn, getting bad at managing my own finances. or shall i say bad at refraining from spending.
beat yesterday was too short for too much! should have went sheesha instead and spent less :(
siggghhhhh. totally forgot about boys noize yesterday! :(
now back to the question: to go or not to?

Rant.Rant.Rant. |6:05 PM|

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

let's wait for the dust to settle.

we're waiting.
hoping desperately for all bad things to come to an end.
please grant us our wishes.

Rant.Rant.Rant. |3:52 PM|

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Monday, September 15, 2008

fucked up day

now i know how it feels like and what is it like inside.
being there was excruciating.
never thought i would ever encounter this in my life.
disgrace and embarrassment.
sadness and fear.
regretful and humiliation.
never ever felt all that in one night.
and awaiting for the aftermath was just as worst.
it was like waiting for death.
i think i could tell fortunes now. with my fb status predicting my weekend!
i'm feeling the guilt.
so many "if only"s that popped up in my mind.
and i spoilt the day for my family.

hope everything's gonna be back to normal.
that's all i ask for.
yes please, god.
help us.

Rant.Rant.Rant. |1:24 AM|

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